About Total ATM

Total ATM has been providing quality service to our fast growing client base. We have installed ATMs all over Australia. We provide ATMs to retail, convenience and hospitality venues as well as a wide range of mobile events.

We aim to provide the highest quality of service to our customers. We don't believe in tying our customers into an unrewarding contract and making them regret hosting an ATM.

We believe in repeat business with our customers, and have a loyal and positive relationship.

Total ATM is a total service provider. We can install, sell, maintain and do all requirements needed for ATMs.

About Total ATM

Why you should have an ATM?

There are many reasons for a business to have an ATM in your Business. It is proven that an ATM brings people into your store. While in your store the ATM user can spend up to 30% of the money they remove from the ATM in your store/establishment.

Not only does an ATM bring customers in, it also removes the use of EFTPOS and cash out. These cost your business money.

Why you should have an ATM?

Market and Supermarkets

Petrol Stations

Mobile ATMs for
festivals and carnivals

Retail Outlet

Bars and Pubs and Hotels